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Love pokemon, ninjago, and a bunch of other crap! (anime) :D
Why is my ninjago demotivational poster so effing popular?!
My requests, commissions and art trades are all OPEN
Rules: I do not do humans, they are really difficult. I could try horses and ponies but if I butcher it I'm sorry, I don't practice drawing horses too much.
Commission Prices:
Line art-5 points
Colored- 10 points
Colored with Background- 15 points
Every additional character in the picture is one point each.
I do not do: Humans, anthros, realism(I've tried and failed), or overly complicared backgrounds a lot.
I do: Animals of all sorts, I will do anime if I have seen it or know a bit about the character so just a small profile on them would be good. I can use google to see what they look like. I do TV shows of any kind, books, OCs, and just about everything that isn't human or anthro. But if you would like your human or anthro to be a certain animal/creature, I will bre more than happy to draw them like that!
Requests are free and so are art trades

Favourite genre of music: Country
Favourite cartoon character: Ace from Bakugan: New Vestroia And Antauri from SRMTHFG
Personal Quote: When life gives you lemons make apple juice and laugh as everyone tries to figure out how you did it
 Fern hiding from a Titan and Levi came in and killed it. He found her and decided to take her home and Eren and Armin were just fascinated by her and would stare until Levi smacked them with a broom or mop. Mikasa was just neutral on the whole thing and would strike up small talk with her every now and then before going to help Eren out of a fight or something like that.
Fern later sprained her wing and Levi got upset with her and was forced to carry her resulting in many snide remarks from the others though they shut up when he glared at them. He helped Fern with her wing and would check on her often.
Levi was cleaning and Fern was trying to help him. He kept telling her to stop and insisting he was fine, though Fern refused and kept helping. Levi eventually gave up trying to stop her and just let her help. He kept mumbling to himself about no one else helping.
Levi injured himself on a mission and Fern got worried and went looking for him. She found him trying to drag himself home and had to help him. He just sort of smiled at her and let her. Later on he dragged her to his room and kissed her but I was woken up by the vaccum before anything else could happen.
Someone draw this
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